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Company Related Issues

Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer, we supply heaters with factory prices and good quality. Welcome to visit us!

Do you manufacture custom parts?

Yes! We have thousands of designs in our files of custom heaters and sensors designed for every imaginable application. Our Sales and Engineering teams are here to help you design a product that fits your needs.

If we have heating projects, how to progress project design or select a product?

We have professional sales to provide pre-sale consulting services and engineering team for technical support. Any questions about products or technical questions please communicate with our team. Just provide specific applications and requirements.

What is the lead time for Reheat products?

For standard products with raw materials in stock, samples can be finished within 3 working days.

The batch lead time depends on quantity, please further discuss with our team.

For customized products, lead time is based on the raw material situation, usually 7-14 days. Please contact our sales team for details.

What is the MOQ for Reheat products?

Reheat products produced with common materials can be ordered at 1pcs. If unfrequently used materials required, it depends on the situation of the materials.

Products Related Issues

Why does the surface of the heater become dark brown after use?

Stainless steel (SUS304) surface of the heating tube is oxidized after high temperature which cause the surface layer falls off and the color becomes dark. If unchanged surface color is required, heat-resistant steel NCF800 can be used to prevent the surface layer from falling off due to oxidation.

What is the temperature accuracy of Reheat heater?

Heaters without controller has no temperature control. In the state of continuous power supply, the mold will dissipate heat, and the heater temperature will stabilize in a certain range under relative power, which has a great relationship with the actual installation environment. If required to control the temperature accurately, a temperature controller is needed. The temperature control accuracy can be ±1 ℃.

What is the tolerance on the outer diameter of mold heaters? What is the reserved hole diameter of mold should be?

The outer diameter tolerance of mold heater is ± 0.02mm. Since the heater becomes larger when heated, the diameter of the reserved hole needs to be 0.05 - 0.1mm larger than the heater.

If the heating liquid is corrosive, what kind of heater should be used?

For corrosive liquids, immersion heaters used SUS316, titanium alloy, fluorine plastic, etc. are suitable. Please provide your application requirements and contact our sales team for details.

What is the function of fins on Reheat gas heaters?

Gas heater converts provided electricity into heat energy. The fins increases the contact area between the heater and the gas, which greatly improve the heat dissipation effect.

What is thermocouple extension wire?

Thermocouple extension wire is used to extend from the thermocouple probe to the control system or digital display especially when long distance involved. It is less expensive and lower grade than thermocouple wire.

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