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How to Customize a Solution


Customers provide heating application details.


Confirm detail requirements, including what kind heating element required, what effect to achieve, and matters to pay attention to.


Reheatek engineers design preliminary solutions based on the information provided.


Discuss and improve the solution designed until final confirmation.


Order confirmation.

Reheat Solution Demonstrations

Aluminum heating platform and temperature control system

Realize the heating and temperature control of the whole platform. The working area temperature could be controlled within the certain range according to the actual processing content.

Uniform heating solution

The uniform heating solution can be customized according to the shape of the product to be heated. Reheatek provides customers a solution that heat uniformly. The shape of the heater can be a variety of shapes such as plate or cylindrical shape.

Hot runner mold heating solution

The tubular heaters are put into the mold, shaped and arranged according to the mold melting design, so that the melt in the mold flow channel always maintains the best melting state.

Related Products

Storage tank heating solution

Tank heating solutions are commonly used in chemical processes, large petrochemical tank, and large water tank that require rapid heating.

Immersion heating and temperature control solution

The immersion heaters for open containers can effectively heat the liquid. Thermal insulation is possible, and temperature can be set according to the use effect of the heated medium.

Customization Process


Customization Process

Project Set Up

Technical Consultation

Calculate The Figure - Drawing

Scheme Optimization

Sample Production

Experimental Testing

Sample Confirmation

Mass Production


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