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Every new product developed or manufactured by Reheatek will be tested in all aspects in our professional laboratory, especially the functional completion and thermal stability under operating conditions. New products’ technical data are generated after testing, our engineers then analyze the data and optimize the product to ensure customers get the products that best meet their expectations. Test data could be provided to customers when needed.

Main Equipments

Main Equipments:

  • Hipot tester

  • Insulation resistance meter (insulation resistance tester)

  • LCR digital bridge

  • Leakage current tester

  • Digital display temperature controller

  • Tension meter for wire

  • X-ray detector

Major Testing Items

Major Testing Items

  • Cold and hot leakage current measurement

  • Cold and hot insulation resistance measurement

  • Cold and hot insulation withstand voltage test

  • Rated power measurement

  • Heating time measurement

  • Power pin pull test

  • X-ray internal structure inspection

Test Report

Test Report
Test Report

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