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How to Customize Heating Solutions

REheatek customize reliable, precise heating solutions to optimize your unique manufacturing or industrial process needs.

Define Your Requirements

Discuss the application details and product specifications.

Technical Consulation

Analyze heating requirements, recommend optimized solution designs.

Drawing Development

Develop drawings with dimensions, materials, and other technical details.

Solution Confirmation

Discuss and confirm the solution prior to manufacturing.

Sample Production

Sample will be produced for testing when needed.

Design Optimization

Feedback incorporated for refinements before final production.


Custom heater elements or thermocouples are manufactured on confirmed solutions.

Continuous Improvement

An open line of development to upgrade your solution over time.

About Reheatek

A Professional Electric Heater Manufacturer

Suzhou Reheatek Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was started in 2007 with a focus on custom heating elements manufacturing and design. As a leading provider in China for over 15 years, Reheatek prides itself on deep collaboration with customers to understand their specific requirements. 
With numerous patents and expertise developing customized heaters, Reheatek engineers will partner with clients to improve designs for optimal performance, durability and cost-effectiveness.

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As a leading provider in China for over 15 years, Reheatek prides itself on deep collaboration with customers to understand their specific requirements.

Learn More About Electric Heaters

Outstanding Advantages of Tubular Heater

The tubular heater is generally used in mechanized heating owing to its adaptability and affordability.

How to prevent cartridge heaters from malfunctioning?

Many times the heater will have some failure, so we need to understand the cause of the failure in the end what.

Key Features Of Custom Cartridge Heater

Are you aware that the cartridge heater is becoming a better option for the heating process?

As a professional electric heater manufacturer, Reheatek is commited to the production of high-quality cartridge heater, tubuler heater, immersion heater and temperature sensor.



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