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A Blissful Christmas Celebration To Our Esteemed Customers And Staff

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Christmas time is a special time all around the globe for people of all age groups. It is usually the highlight of the end of the year, with many people looking forward to the holiday. With everyone in high spirit and good cheer, it is hard for you to miss the festivity in the air. 


At Suzhou Reheatek electrical technology, our staff and employees are also not left out in the whole festivity. As different decorations, door wreaths and Christmas trees are seen at different spots in the company. The air is filled with festive spirit and everyone is caught in the frenzy.


The holiday is also a perfect time to reward our staffs who have been loyal to the company by working hard and tirelessly to provide our customers with high quality water heaters whenever the need arises.


This Christmas is even more special than the past ones. The corona virus pandemic hit the world hard, crippling the economy and causing an economic meltdown world wide. Businesses and companies were shut down due to the epidemic, affecting both customers, producers and employees.


Some companies were even out of business due to certain setbacks as a result of the pandemic. Others were faced with the dilemma of downsizing their staff or running out of business. The year seemed like an endless possibility of disaster. But after the pandemic, with things returning back to normal and companies reopening, things are looking good.


Most companies  are recovering or can be said to have recovered. Our company was not left out in the all growth and recovery process. We are fully back on our feet with a good prospect for development.


Our team is working tirelessly with coming up with different categories  and designs of cartridge heaters for sale to meet up with the ever growing demands of our customers. With our company back in business, our staff and employees are happy to be back again and celebrating Christmas together.


Different forms of incentives were given to our staff in different categories of the company. Gifts, coupons and vouchers, gift cards were shared with staff. We also took a hold of the opportunity to reward our staff with awards to compensate them for their loyalty and hard work.

 Merry Christmas

Our customers were not also left out in all the excitement. At Suzhou Reheatek electrical technology, we are known for our quality first principle. As a result, our team has been working hard throughout the year to produce quality heaters. The hard work was aimed towards the unveiling and launching of new products during the holiday. Our customers get to celebrate the holiday in style with our new cartridge heater range to complement the holiday.


Partner with us for quality cartridge heaters

Our team of hardworking staffs are dedicated to creating reliable and efficient cartridge heaters and other varieties of heaters to meet up our consumers' needs.


We are a reputable company known for giving our clients their money's worth. Are you in need of a quality cartridge heater for saleClick here to send us a message and have us cater to your heating needs.

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