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Race Against Time Only for On-time Delivery

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At 1 am on May 12, after testing the stability of the heating core, Reheateks production group is still working overtime to make the final overall assembly of the circulation heater for melt-blown machine molds:


At 1 am, when the night is quiet, why is Reheateks production team still fighting in the company?


It turned out that on May 10, the company received a notice from the industrial park. Due to temporary maintenance arrangements, the whole park will be out of power for one day starting at 02:00 on the 12th. This sudden notice made the factory somewhat at a loss-how to promise that the heating tank products that customers will definitely ship on the 12th will be completed on schedule, which has become a very difficult problem.


Circulation heater for melt-blown machine molds is one of the most important equipment in the complete set of equipment for manufacturing melt-blown cloth. The lack of this heating tank will cause the entire set of equipment to fail to operate. Especially in the current situation where raw materials and various costs are rising, the heating tank has not arrived, and the entire set of production equipment for melt-blown cloth will be useless. This will cause incalculable losses to customers.


Circulation heater for melt-blown machine molds have complicated product process, large appearance and heavy quality, and requires a lot of work to complete the process. But due to urgent use, the customer's delivery time is set to be very short. This in itself is a race against time!

circulationheater for melt-blown machine molds 

On the afternoon of May 11th, Reheatek Electrical Technology has completed the manufacture of the core heating part of the heating tank as planned, and the tank body part has also been delivered by a cooperative enterprise with special equipment processing permits. But there is still a lot of work until the final assembly of the equipment is completed.


Because for such a complicated product-

Power outage means that all electric assembly tools cannot be used to assemble accessories;

Power outage means that the stability test of the heating tank core cannot be done as planned;

Power outage means that the tank cannot be lifted by the vehicle, so the final assembly and loading cannot be completed.


But our production backbones did not give up, everyone has a common idea-to fight until late at night, to rush to complete the process that requires electricity before the power outage! The promise to the customer must be fulfilled anyway! Everyone came up with energy, and the general manager decided to stay with the company to complete this project with everyone.


On the night of the 11th, our general manager, factory director, process leader and several production backbones were still struggling for this customer's urgently needed product, and temporarily set up an assault team to overcome the difficulties.


First of all, we must ensure product quality, and the delivered products must be qualified and stable products.Secondly, the more busy you are, the more you need to measure the indicators repeatedly, and you can't reduce any regular process.In the end, no matter what difficulties we have to shoulder together and try our best to overcome them!


With the close cooperation of these principles, the temporarily formed group is connected in an orderly way. The final assembly of the heating tank seems to be progressing smoothly

circulation heater

At 0 o'clock on the 12th, when everyone was about to see the dawn of victory, the park suddenly lost power.


The heating tank needs final wiring, sealing and fastening. However, the lights in the whole park are off, and only the weak emergency lights are left in the dark workshop.


Although everyone is a little surprised, but it is optimistic, because all the processes that need electricity operation have been completed, now only need lighting to complete the final wiring and assembly!


"Lift to the parking lot with a forklift and light it with lights!" The general manager decided to take advantage of the hot iron to complete the product, and immediately mobilized everyone to transport the equipment to the parking lot and turn on the car headlights for lighting. In this special environment, the final wiring and assembly of the Circulation heater for melt-blown machine mold is completed. The sweat of the hard-working Reheateks people is not in vain!


During the day on May 12, the logistics company shipped the packaged heating tank and successfully delivered the product!


Each time the customer has more trust, Reheatek has more responsibility. From the past to the present, and to the future, Reheatek people will unswervingly provide customers with the best service and live up to their expectations!


This is the attitude of Reheatek towards customers. I believe that Reheatek Electrical  Technology can get better and better! Reheatek is a professional circulation heater manufacturer, we are willing to provide you with high-quality products and satisfactory services.


Reheatek, come on!

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