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August 2020: Cartridge and Immersion Heaters Were Shipped To Kenya

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As the need and demand for high-quality heating systems and elements continue to increase across the world, more buyers of industrial heating systems are constantly on the look for a trusted supplier to team up with for the best deal.


Besides finding a professional manufacturer of custom cartridge heaters to partner with for the best products, buyers of cartridge heaters and even immersion heaters are also keen about a manufacturer with a sense of cautiousness when it comes to the packaging and delivering of various industrial heating systems to any part of the world


And for us in Suzhou Reheatek Electrical Technology Co. Ltd., we have earned a global reputation as a one-stop manufacturer of premium custom cartridge heaters of various sizes and designs for both industrial and domestic use.


Besides our high proficiency in the design and manufacture of heating systems that are meant to stand the test of time, we also relish in our vast years of active experience in the industry, and this has endeared countless numbers of global clients to us for our first-class custom cartridge heaters.


Talking about our global clients and their love for our high-quality heating elements and other heating systems, our most recent business transaction and delivery was to a client in Kenya.


Being a brand that is known for turnkey services when it comes to the design, manufacturer and delivery of our premium heating systems to our clients, and as it is our tradition when it comes to product delivery, our latest delivery to Kenya was another historic milestone as part of our satisfactory product delivery record.

 Cartridge and Immersion Heaters Were Shipped To Kenya

During the packaging and delivery of immersion heaters, band heaters and cartridge heater to our client in Kenya, the various products were packaged separately to ensure that there is no mix up along the way.


Besides having mix up of the products, we also ensured that the products were being packaged in different boxes to ensure that each category of our custom cartridge heater can easily be identified and received by our Kenyan client.

 Cartridge and Immersion Heaters Were Shipped To Kenya

For this purpose, our custom cartridge heaters shipment to Kenya was packaged into two different boxes, which contained the following heating systems;


The smaller wooden delivery packages were used for shipping both our superior cartridge heater as well and the band heater. On the other hand, the larger wooden boxes were used for the packaging of our premium immersion heaters to our client in Kenya.


All these products, which were carefully loaded from our Suzhou Reheatek Electrical Technology Co. Ltd. factory were carefully shipped to our client in Kenya at the end of August 2020.


Do You Need Some Industrial/Domestic Heating Systems?

At Suzhou Reheatek Electrical Technology Co. Ltd., we have an outstanding record of excellence when it comes to providing a trusted and reliable service in the manufacture and supply of various industrial heating systems.


Top on the list of our premium quality heating systems includes; immersion heaters, cartridge heater, strip heater, tubular heater and even thermos sensor.


Kindly contact us for the best custom cartridge heaters at the best price, and you’ll be glad to partner with us for all your heating system supplies.

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As a professional electric heater manufacturer, Reheatek is commited to the production of high-quality cartridge heater, tubuler heater, immersion heater and temperature sensor.



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