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Main performance Requirements of Cartridge Heater Products

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Cartridge heater is a component of a precise, scientific, and sensitive heating system. The performance requirements of the heating tube need to be considered: the use position of the heating tube, the use period, the coordination of the hole and the heating tube, the method of temperature sensing and Location, heated material, control mode, use temperature and performance target, etc.


We disassemble the main parts of the cartridge heater and analyze them one by one.


Cartridge Heater

The shell, because the shell of the heater is the part directly contacted by the electric heating object, not only the transmission is better, but also the strong adaptability and firmness. It is also important whether the heater has excellent processability. Therefore, the shell is usually made of SUS304, 316L, 310S. For special applications, NCF800 and titanium can be used.


Insulator, the heating wire is separated from the shell by the insulator. Insulators need to use magnesium oxide materials with good insulation properties at high temperatures and very high-quality conductivity to maintain long-term effective insulation.

 cartridge heater

The heating wire, the heating wire can be said to be the life of the heating rod, the heating wire is made of nickel-chromium alloy material, the resistance and the wire diameter are made of solid, high-purity nickel-chromium alloy, after high-precision processing and winding, and insulation The objects are protected by high-precision sealing.


At the core, the heating wire is wound on a high-precision magnesia rod made of high-precision magnesia with an automatic wire winding machine, and the coiled heating wire is set at the center of the electric heating rod.


The heater products provided by Reheatek adopt advanced production technology, refined production process, and high-precision control of the product's diameter tolerance. And fully consider the different application industries and needs, provide targeted solutions, the products provided ensure high-quality durability and ensure long-term stable operation. Fully satisfy the following characteristics:


Electrical properties, excellent electrical insulation, especially in the case of high temperature electrical properties, can maintain stable insulation performance to ensure long-term stable operation.


Long life, the heater products provided by Reheatek use high-quality nickel-chromium alloy heating wires and long-life high-temperature insulating magnesium oxide, which have a longer life than previous products.


For robustness, the heater products provided by Reheatek use nickel-based alloy steel pipes. After long-term use of the test, it can withstand mechanical vibration and shock.


High efficiency, the heater products provided by Reheatek have undergone decades of research and development with high-efficiency and high-precision electric heating rods. The heat generated by the heating wire can be conducted without loss.


Easy to operate, even if multiple heating rods are used at the same time, they can be connected very harmoniously and without obstacles.


Rich in variety, Reheatek can provide a variety of sizes and different materials, and provide a variety of connection methods according to actual applications, to meet the various needs of customers.

 cartridge heater

Reheatek has several electrical engineers, structural engineers, etc. While familiar with various industries, it constantly maintains communication with customers and assists customers in product research and development. Reheatek independently researched the uniform temperature power distribution method and the basic material test of the heating tube. It has nearly 20 patented technologies, such as high-efficiency and uniform powder filling method.


Cartridge heater products can be used in a variety of industrial processes and special industries, such as packaging equipment, plastic machinery, hot runner systems, die-casting machinery, cutters, hot molds, biological wood pellet ignition, laboratory analyzers, etc.


If you have any other questions about cartridge heaters in China, please contact us at +86-189-1409-1124, one of our technicians can help you diagnose any cartridge heaters problems.

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