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Manufacturer’s Guide On The Types Of High-Quality Cartridge Heater

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A cartridge heater is a tube-shaped heating material used for various purposes.

These come in different sizes such as small, fitting in most containers and spaces, yet high performance.

Heavy industrial businesses utilize cartridge heaters, wherein localized heat is provided.

Cartridge heaters are used in wide range processes industrially, including plastic melting, and fluid heating.

Also, in rubber molding, food production, heat staking, die casting, extrusion just to mention a few.

The cartridge heaters are controlled by a central thermostat in most cases. It helps to ensure the level of heat emitted is probably manage.

Mostly, the cartridge heater has a sensor to check the temperature of the working environment.

Although, many tried to compare cartridge heaters with tubular heaters due to the similarity in shapes and functions. The primary difference is the way they are applied.

mold cartridge heater

Tabular heaters are weld or attach to a range of different surfaces. On the other hand, cartridge heaters are inserted into a container through drilled holes.

Nevertheless, cartridge heaters are much more flexible than tabular cartridge since they are not fixed to a specific substance or container.

However, when sourcing for a high-quality cartridge heater, there is need to carefully select professional and reliable manufacturers.

If you are wondering how a custom cartridge heater may be able to improve your business, it’s essential to have a deeper understanding of this product.

Below, are the types of cartridge heaters and their uniqueness.

Types of Cartridge Heaters

1. High-Density Cartridge Heaters

High-density cartridge heaters have a high watt density. Its workings follow the denser your cartridge heater is, the more effective it is at providing heat.

If you’re looking for an efficient and high-quality cartridge heater, it’s essential to consider high-density heaters.

A well designed and optimal high-density heater will provide consistent heat for a prolonged period.

2. High-Temperature Cartridge Heaters

This type of heater is built to provide high levels of heat to various substances.

While most traditional cartridge heaters provide up to 800°F worth of heat.

But high-temperature cartridge heaters provide 1600°F, which helps ensure that you can give extreme heat to the substances that require it.

It is also built to withstand large amounts of heat. The protective sheaths ensure that the cartridge heater faces no harm by long exposure to high temperatures.

If you’re sourcing for a high-temperature cartridge heater, you need to be sure that the wire leads can withstand the heat generated or risk damage.


The cartridge heaters are designed in such a way that cartridge heater is hand swaged to ensure the best possible compaction, diameter, and lifespan.

The cartridge heater has insulated heating coils that then transfer heat to an outer sheath.

Also, lead wires are used to provide electricity to the cartridge heater and are hung through a hole in the containers or drums.

If you’re looking to obtain a cartridge heater for a specific use, it’s critical to choose the right heating element as stated above.

On a whole, all these provide you with handy information on how to choose the right element for your cartridge heaters.

Finally, always make sure that you team up with a reliable mold cartridge heater china manufacturers for the best deal.

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