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New Trends In Over The Side Heaters

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Technology is the single leading factor moulding side heating designs and products.


As over the side heaters connectivity continually stays evolving, contractors are now more open to game-changing opportunities and the leverage that such connectivity can bring.


They’re also in search of an opportunity to stay remotely connected or in sync with every product installed,


A revolution of novel efficiency standards has shaken up the side heating industry focusing especially on over the side heaters


With change being the dynamic constant, certain factors continue to influence over the side heater products and designs 


The trends and designs of over the side heaters now vary based on the individual/body purchasing them.


Over the side, heaters are designed specifically and purposefully for residential homes, commercial establishments, and also contracted for specific designs. 

 over the side heaters

Residential trends


A huge factor influencing the trends in over the side heaters is that consumers and homeowners are educated than before.


This is thanks to the internet and general access to information on side water heater designs, style and options include.


The most notable trends on the residential over the side-heating designs:


· Affordability: 


A consumer's goal is to purchase products that are the same time cost-saving and long-lasting, giving them more than their money's worth.


· Ease of installation:


The evolution of side heaters also means evolving of installers to meet up with consumers’ ever dynamic needs


· Ability to conserve water: 


The recirculation system is a major influencer in the residential designing of over side heaters. 


Rather than having the consumers run water for a while before getting hot water, homeowners receive hot water immediately with the help of a pump and recirculation hence curbing water waste


· Efficiency: 


Lower net energy usage is being called for by the global community, which in turn encourages products to be of better efficiency and durability


· Smartness Integration: 


Recent designs due to the aid of technology producing smarter and intelligent heaters with features such as leak detector which is connected to devices such as smartphones which notify users when necessary.


Top commercial trends


There is a similarity to that of residential trends with efficiency topping the list of factors for drivers of side heaters product design


Top commercial trends Include:


· Efficiency: 

Designs are greatly influenced by the end-users need for dependability and efficiency.


· Affordability: 

End-users want lower cost in terms of the acquisition, operation, and general cost of the life-cycle,


· Installation Ease: 

Projection towards quicker and easier installation.


· Connectivity: 

The feature of app-based connectivity allows for end-users to have access to remote-based connectivity and mobile accessibility.


· Common venting: 

Is one of the major trend factors, while reducing redundancy of operation into the system.


Contractors’ Influence

Even though end-users and consumers are usually at the top of the priority list when designing over the side heaters, system installers are also kept in mind. 


This is so especially since the use of installation is a driver for the acceptability of side heater designs. 


Ergonomics and reduced time and cost of installation are also kept in mind.


The best way to stay ahead of such a trend is being a step ahead, 


Do you need an over the side heater?

Contact us today to purchase high-quality over-the-side heaters and stay one step ahead with the new technology, trends, and factors.

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