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Promotion Coming Soon: From August 10th Through September 30th, 2020

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For every manufacturing firm, creating more ways to be of immense service to her clients is usually one of the watchwords.  


When talking about creating avenues of serving both old and new clients to the best products in a cordial business environment, organizing a promo sale can be one of the best ways to make this happen.


And for us at Suzhou Reheatek Electrical Technology Co. Ltd, we hold our loyal clients and customers from across the world to great esteem, and this is the reason we try our best to create a season of promo sales for them at least once every year.


Just like our previous editions of promo sales where we exhibit our wide range of premium electrical heating equipment as well as other ancillary heating equipment for both domestic and industrial use, this year is taking its own toll of our yearly promo sale already.


During this year's promo sales which have been scheduled to hold between the August 10th through September 30th, 2020, we have made available in stock a wide variety of industrial heating elements and domestic heating solutions for both our local and foreign clients.



Top on the list of some of our cartridge heater for sale and wholesale electric heating products which shall be showcased during this year's promo includes the following products based on their application category;


1. Immersion Heating and Temperature Control System

With our high-quality immersion for unclosed containers and tanks, you can effectively heat up liquid to a high temperature.


Also, with these immersion heating solutions, you can control the heating temperature based on the effect of the liquid it is heating.


Some good examples of our premium immersion heating and temperature control solution under this category include;

a. Immersion heaters for corrosive liquid

b. Over the side immersion heater and

c. Regular immersion heater.


2. Aluminum Heater Platform and Temperature Control System

We also bring to you our high-quality heating and temperature control solutions for a whole platform.


With our aluminum heating platform, you can control the working area temperature of any platform within your desired range in line with the actual processing content you are working with.


Top on the list of aluminum heating platform and temperature control system in this category are;

a. Right angle cartridge heater

b. Flange thermocouple and

c. Cartridge heater with ceramic end cap


3. Storage Tank Heating Solution

For our clients who have a need for rapid heating of the liquid in large petrochemical tanks, chemical processing as well as water tanks, our high-quality storage tank heating solution shall be made available during the promotion sale for your patronage.


Some related heating solution under this category include;

a. Screw Plug Heater and

b. Flange Immersion Heater.


Besides the above categories of industrial heating elements, and other wholesale electric heating products, which shall be made available during our promotion sale expo, our highly experienced team of engineers shall also be available to attend to clients and prospective customers who may have some inquiries to make regarding the type of industrial heating elements they may want us to produce for their unique application.


More, so, we shall also be open to technical consultation for clients who may be having some challenges with their already existing industrial heating elements and may be in need of an upgrade with a premium cartridge heater for sale during the promo.


You Are Welcome To Our Promo Sales

All of us at Suzhou Reheatek Electrical Technology Co. Ltd, are happy to have this epic and yearly promo sales come through again between August 10th  - September 30th, 2020, and we are looking forward to welcoming you with all our high-quality industrial heating elements and other heating solutions from our factory.

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