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Reheatek Staff Return to Work

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-21      Origin: Site


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Reheatek restarted serving customers on February 21. We always strive to be the best cartridge heater supplier. In order to ensure the smooth return of employees and continue to effectively and safely serve customers, we have made great efforts.

Reheatek Staff Return to Work 

We are very grateful to the medical staff and experts who are still sticking to their posts this Spring Festival. Because of them, we can start work as scheduled. I am also grateful to those who celebrate the New Year on the spot and work outside. During the Spring Festival this year, the country’s epidemic was under control and there were no new local cases.


We always pursue to be the best heaters manufacturer. In order to ensure the smooth return of employees and continue to serve customers efficiently and safely, we have made great efforts. We will make full-range disinfect for the whole factory and office, and will take a temperature for every employee in every day and every one must wear a mask in the factory all the day. Our company also prepared anti-epidemic materials and control measure to prevent the spread of this epidemic. We will provide you better heater with high quality.


We believe China will defeat the virus!

Reheatek Staff Return to Work 

Any inquiry about heaters, please contact us without hesitate, we will show the online operation of our factory. We are not only a heater manufacturer, we can also customized solutions for you. Reheatek Electrical Technology has always taken the "quality first" as the basic principle. It puts clients’ needs in high priority.


At the beginning of the new year, we have issued start-up red envelopes to every employee who arrives. I wish the members of the Reheatek family and customers and friends a prosperous new year!

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As a professional electric heater manufacturer, Reheatek is commited to the production of high-quality cartridge heater, tubuler heater, immersion heater and temperature sensor.



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