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Screw Plug Heater: The Protector Against Liquid Freeze Temperature

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Industries with production machines located in an open space endure low temperature and freezing for several times.


At 32oF and below, water begins to freeze and turns into crystals; oil gets colder. It begins to solidify to form wax or gel-like substances, thereby leading to low viscosity and pipelines become clogged.


The introduction of an immersion heater serves as a protection from freezing temperature. It prevents the reservoir or tank’s temperature from approaching below 32oF.


A screw plug heater is a subclass of the category of immersion heaters that operate in small space.


Screw plug heater is used to heat liquids and oils, and they give a more accurate and regularized method of heating.


The use of this heater increases efficiency, great result, and better quality of products.


Screw plug heater is used in various fields such as water heating, food processing, petrochemical, etc.


Industries that incorporates immersion heater into their production process reap a lot of benefit from it.


Therefore, to protect your product from freezing temperature while getting more benefits, ensure to buy a screw plug heater from a reliable manufacturer.


Screw Plug Heater

Screw plug heaters are perfect for heating of oil, chemical medium, water, etc. in different processes. They are ideal for freeze protection as well as a solution for heat transfer.


Screw plug heaters are screwed and submerged directly into equipment like containers, vessels, tanks, that needs heater control.

 Screw plug heaters

The installation of this heater could be through a screw-threaded hole in the wall of the equipment or via a corresponding half coupling or pipe fitting.


As the heating elements are introduced into the medium, a convectional current occurs and heats the sheath. This heat circulates across the medium evenly.


Also, the installation of a thermostat can serve as additional temperature control to preserve the temperature needed in the medium.


A large selection of screw plug voltages, watt density, sizes, sheath materials, kilowatt ratings, and other parameters make screw plug heater suitable for a different industry.


Industrial Applications of Screw Plug Heater

Screw plug heaters are used in different applications for various heating needs. The applications include:


1. Wastewater Management

Screw plug heater serves as freeze protection in the water treatment plant to ensure water in the pipe, tank or reservoir does not freeze.


2. Chemical Industry

The heating of acidic and basic solutions, water, detergents, and more are the processes where screw plug heaters are needed in the chemical industry.


3. Laboratories

Some equipment such as autoclave, sterilizers, pill driers, etc. requires heating and the screw plug heater is ideal for the needed heat.


4. Oil and Gas Industry

For an easy flow of petrochemical products and oil, it is required to heat these products, particularly during cold weather or in cold places.


To achieve this, the use of a screw plug heater is necessary.


5. Food Processing

As part of processing and sterilization, foods need to be heated, and the heater that fits this application is the screw plug heater.


Buy Durable and High-Quality Screw Plug Heater From Us

In case you need an immersion heater for heating of fluids and freeze protection, screw plug heater is your answer.


There are various specifications of screw plug heater based on different applications.


Therefore, to buy this heater, kindly contact us for a smooth business transaction and be assured of getting the best product.

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