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Why You Should Own A Cartridge Heater

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A cartridge heater is a type of heating usually used in an industrial setting.  They are used for heats transfer from one area another. They are used in different appliances. Cartridge heaters are popular in the food industry, medical industry and plastic packaging and production industry.


Known for their ability to create high temperatures (often as high as 800 degree Celsius), they are often used for heat delocalization.


They come in handy in a device that requires regulating air temperature in order to avoid condensation e.g. closed circuits and control panels. They are also used in injection mould production.

 cartridge heater


A typical cartridge heater has a distinctive tube-like shape. Some may come in varying designs but most common is the tube-like shape. 


They come in a wide range of diameters ranging from 1/4” to 3/4” to 6.5mm to 16mm. this diameter is for easy instalment into holes that will be drilled into the wall using a standard drill size bit.


A notable component of the heater is a sheath.  It is usually made of stainless steel and consists of an insulator and a coil of nickel-chromium heater wire.



· They are used in the heating if water as well as a chemical solution equally.

· In any application that requires high temperature and a very potent heat source such as it is seen in injection molds and die blocks, which are both closed structure.

· They are used in packaging industries as well

· They are used as an engine sump meter as the cartridge heater helps to keep the oil reservoir at optimum temperature and enable smooth operations.

· They are used in rubber moulding.

· General fluid heating.

 cartridge heater


Avoid loose-fits

A loosely fitted cartridge heater in its hole would lead to the inefficient heat transfer as the heat generated would not be properly transferred to the material being heated caused the heater to fizz out faster than it’s expected life time. Therefore, to get the expected life span from your cartridge heaters make sure that it is properly fitted in its hole.


Avoid excessive cycling

Excessive cycling would reduce the life span of your cartridge heater. This is because when there is constant cycling, it reduces the wire diameter while increasing the resistance of the element to the point of it being too hot and causing damage.


Correct wattage and voltage

Every cartridge has its voltage capacity. That is, they have a particular that they can be exposed to, anything higher than that may lead to damage. This would lead to improper heat transfer and eventual damage to the cartridge heater.


Proper mounting

Cartridge heaters should be anchored to a fixed spot as its constant movement may be detrimental to the heater.


Size, size, size!

Most times when people complain about a failed heater, the major cause of failure is usually size. Your heater should be the perfect size for its hole. It shouldn’t be too big or too small but just the right fit. So you see now, whether it be industrial use or residential, a cartridge heater is a must-have.


Need help in finding the right cartridge heater?

Most complain about heaters are either due to wrong fits, improper installation or poor quality heaters. Are you in need of the right cartridge heater to suit your needs? We have all that you need at your disposal. Click here to get started on consultation, purchase or installation.

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