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Precautions for refilling ink in the ink cartridge heater.

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There are a lot of ink cartridge heaters in the market now, so many customers need to wholesale cartridge heaters. Below, our Reheatek cartridge heater will tell you a few precautions for the operation of ink cartridge refilling.

1.Make sure that the filled ink cartridge is intact.

At present, there are few damaged ink cartridges in the market, but when refilling the original ink cartridge, users must learn to check the integrity of the ink cartridge. The specific inspection method is that if there is great resistance or ink leakage when filling the ink at the bottom, it means that the ink cartridge is likely to be damaged, and we can't fill the damaged ink cartridge in the future.

2.Before refilling the ink, the original ink cartridge should be thoroughly cleaned.

Otherwise two different kinds of ink will be mixed to produce chemical reaction, resulting in plug and other failures.

wholesale cartridge heaters

The correct operation method is as follows: when adding ink for the first time, pull out the pistons of the three ink holes, find a syringe, and pour pure water into the ink cartridge, try not to let the water overflow, and then hold it all. Punch the ink cartridge upwards by hand, and gently shake it several times to completely dissolve the remaining ink in the added water; if the shaking force is too strong, the internal liquid may overflow. At this time, please wipe it with a paper towel or cloth in time to prevent it from spreading to the circuit board and causing hardware failure. Then use a syringe to clean the mixed liquid in the cartridge. Repeat this operation several times until you see that the color of the extract is very light.

3.When refilling the ink cartridge, it must be appropriate. 

Many users think that refilling ink cartridges is troublesome. In order to save trouble, many people either do not install the ink cartridge or the ink cartridge is full of ink. In fact, if there is too much ink in the ink cartridge, it will not only cause the ink in use to leak, but the ink leaking from the ink cartridge will also wet the internal components of the heater, which may cause a short circuit or even damage the heater. If you accidentally fill the ink cartridge with too much ink, you must use some soft paper or other cotton cloth to absorb the ink in time, and use the nozzle to absorb the excess ink.

wholesale cartridge heaters

4.Try to choose the ink to fill, so that the filling effect will be better.

Because the ink on the market has ink and ink, the ink is oily, and the ink is water quality. In general, the ink for the original ink cartridges is ink, while the cheaper inks on the market are generally water-based inks. These inks are only tens to 20 yuan, while the substitute inks cost about 50 yuan. In contrast, the ink is better than Good ink.

Hope our tips can help you. If you want to wholesale cartridge heaters, you can contact us.

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