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What Is A Screw Plug Heater?

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A smaller group of immersion heaters that usually involves operation in a small space is known as the screw plug heater. The heater flange is regularly swapped by a threaded plug.


Its operational standard is akin to the flange immersion heater. It function is typically heat supply to smaller containers with liquid that needs an exact amount of heat control. It is submerged into a wall of utensils like the water tank, vessels or chemical containers.


The screw plug heater is a stress-free method to heating solutions in smaller containers that call for auto control of temperature. There are various manufacturers of screw plug heaters, buying from dependable and reliable manufacturers will guarantee quality of product you purchase.


In this article, we will talk about the various components of the screw heater.


The screw plug heaters are usually supported with a temperature sensor known as thermowell, and the installation purpose is for temperature monitoring and control. When generally used, a simple thermostat is installed inside the thermowell and prewired with an installed heater to make sure the heater control buttons are set at a preset temperature.


Major Features Of The Screw Plug Heater

1. The installation is easy

2. It is not expensive

3. The heating and operation is of the screw plug heater are efficient

4. The maintenance is cheap and friendly

 Screw Plug Heater

The screw heaters are classified into various specifications depending on their uses. In most cases, they vary from their use in fuel oil storage to municipal water temperature control. However, the power of each model can be different, the terminal attachment type, watt density and immersed length also differs this is to fit into the needs for application.


In order to maintain the desired temperature of the screw plug heaters, an extra temperature control thermostat can be fixed up to include extra control.


The Screw Plug Heater

For the reason that a Screw plug heater is being used in a small vessel with substances that are sensitive to temperature.


It is imperative to constantly control the fluid temperature, so the switch panels are set up to check overheating of the chemical in distinctive heat removal systems. The high temperature which leads to overheating reaction is termed thermal decomposition.  


This reaction is commonly an endothermic reaction which includes extreme heat affecting the chemical bonds thereby making them to break over an undecided period. Installation of the control panel in a screw heater plug will be the best way out to safeguard your cherished chemicals and electric heater from possible thermal damages.  


Control Panels

Most screw heater plugs have a control panels that are meant to be used with the inclusion of a variety of function for diverse industrialized heating application.


These important features may include current, wattage and voltage for electric unit metering, alarm systems, set point control, and proportionate sign switch. The choice of these control board casing will be established on the working environment.


Partner with us for the best screw plug heater

We are a leading manufacturer of electric heating products including screw plug heater. Kindly contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you in the selection of our electric heater products and thermal control systems.

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