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How To Increase Cartridge Heater Durability

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The lifespan of a cartridge heater can be increased if specific parameters are taken into consideration.

Apart from untimely failure that may shorten the heater's durability, heat accumulation due to the dissipated efficiency of interior lead wire can also affect your heater's lifespan.

Also, when some foreign material leaks into the protective case, thereby causing short-circuiting.

However, when buying a cartridge heater, it is crucial to buy it from a reputable manufacturer that will provide professional precautionary tips for your heater.

Precautionary Tips

Below are critical precautionary tips that will increase the durability of your cartridge heater.

1.  Prevent against Contamination

A releasing or discharging agent is used to ease-aid heater uninstallation from its hold during the installation process. It is highly advisable to wait for the agent to dry completely before you plungin your heater.

If the reverse is the case, some of the releasing fluid will leak into the heater's protective sheath. This may results in the soaking of the internal resistance wire.

Cartridge Heaters

When that occurs, the heater may stop working when it is connected to the power source. However, following a standard installation instruction from the manufacturers will contribute to the heater's elongation from failing.

Also, oil, moisture, or other fluids on the resistance wire, will be carbonized at a higher temperature, resulting in short-circuiting.

2. Avoid Overheating

Overheating of the heater can occur due to the lopsided installation of the cartridge heater into its hole.

The operating temperature of the heater is directly proportional to its lifespan. The heater should be correctly plugin in its hole to prevent higher operating temperature, causing the heater to accumulate heat first before transferring it to the target object.

During this heat accumulation, overheating will be experienced in the heater.

The recommended hole diameter is 0.005 inches more than the cartridge heater’s diameter for proper fitting.

The heater's operating temperature can be maintained by opting for the lowest voltage heater to consume the desired temperature and still provide less startup time.

Also, a cartridge heater with a higher watt than necessary will create in the controller switching on and off to keep the anticipated temperature, which may affect the heater's durability.

3. Unwarranted Cycling

Different manufacturers have a way of evaluating the lifespan of their cartridge heater. Although many vital players accept a cycling temperature ranges from 150°F - 1,400°F to record the failure cycle.

The durability of the cartridge heater is reduced by unwarranted cycling. This is a result of the oxidation process that the surface wire undergoes with an increase in temperature. However, suppose the temperature can be maintained throughout the cycling process. In that case, the oxide layer safeguards the resistance wire from additional oxidation.

When the lead wire temperature is reduced significantly, the coating breaks off due to contraction, thereby exposing the resistance wire for further oxidation.

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