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What are the common faults of electric heater?

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Electric heater is a kind of equipment used for heating, heat preservation and heating mechanical equipment of flowing liquid and gas medium. In majority industries, electric heater plays a generally important role. However, some failures also occur in the use of every heating elements. And next, common failures of electric heater will be introduced in the following parts.


The first type of common faults of electric heater are the internal system faults. The internal faults of electric heater are often the phenomenon of internal short circuit. It is what cannot be ignore the internal system short circuit, which may affect the normal operation of the equipment at first and may also bring danger to the operators. Therefore, if there is a short circuit, we need to remove the fault in time.


Next, the second type of common faults of electric heater are the burning out fault of electric heater affects the control of AC power supply of electric heater. The on-off of AC power supply inside the heater is mainly controlled by the contact of temperature control instrument. If the burning out fault occurs, it will affect the normal control and display of instrument, resulting in misjudgment of operators and unnecessary loss.


In addition, the third type of common faults lies in electric heater, which temperature sensor is damaged. If the temperature sensor is damaged in the electric heater equipment, it will affect the whole temperature control work, so this is also a common problem and we must pay attention to it. Last but not least, the last common faults of electric heater are which cannot be heated. It is considered that the main circuit of the electric heater may be faulty or the internal fuse of the voltage regulating module may be burnt out.

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After visiting the common types of faults of electric heater, now you should have more comprehensive understanding of this topic. We should deal with the faults in time in order to avoid affecting our normal work. And we will update more information about electric heater regularly on the official website, if you are interested in it, just click it! 


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