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Reheatek completed the crazy overtime stocking before National Day

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The National Day 2020 coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Chinese people are about to usher in an 8-day long holiday, and everyone is looking forward to it.


At this time of national celebration, there are still many companies that continue to operate in order to supply the needs of the global industrial system. Many of Reheatek's customers are just like this. They are still moving forward silently when the people of the country are resting. Reheatek Electrical Technology has always been actively cooperating with customers' requirements and proactively communicated with many customers early, hoping to prepare goods in advance before the holiday to ensure that customers will not be out of stock during the holiday.


Throughout September, Reheatek has been struggling, not only to meet the production of normal orders, but also to stock up as planned, and sometimes to deal with many customers' temporary additional orders. The trust of customers also gives heat wave great confidence, no matter how tight the delivery time, heat wave will do its best to cooperate.


Thanks to the Reheatek people for their silent dedication. They fully obeyed the company's arrangements and meticulously worked overtime to stock up without a single complaint.


"Quality assurance is not all the conditions, the key is to ensure quality!" While continuing to work overtime to stock up, this sentence is always on the lips of the workshop leaders. The more busy the production and the more complicated the process, the product quality inspection not only cannot lower the standard, but also raise the requirements and increase the frequency.

 Mold Cartridge Heater

What is more proud of is that during such a high-intensity stocking period, Reheatek Electrical Technology's production department did not have a product scrapping problem. All products passed 100% full inspection and were qualified. I would like to praise Reheatek people!


To this end, Reheatek Electrical Technology has prepared a wealth of holiday benefits for employees.

 holiday benefits

As of September 29, the one-month-long rush to prepare for the heat wave is about to come to an end. Reheatek Electrical Technology would like to thank customers for their understanding and trust, and thank the people of Reheatek for their dedication and persistence!


Reheatek Electrical Technology's main products include: Cartridge heater with single threaded, cartridge heater with double threaded, immersion heater, tubular heater, thermo sensor, etc. Any customers who need heating tubes and temperature measuring components are welcome to contact us in time.

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As a professional electric heater manufacturer, Reheatek is commited to the production of high-quality cartridge heater, tubuler heater, immersion heater and temperature sensor.



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