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Fire Drill at Reheatek Factory in March

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Reheatek, a cartridge heater manufacturer in China, organized and carried out a successful fire drill.


The seminar aims to raise workers awareness of workplace fire hazards, risk factors, prevention and control measures.


The training is an inclusive training involving members of all levels and departments of the company. During the seminar, company management, department heads and workers all actively participated.

Fire Drill at Reheatek Factory in March

This routine training also aims to create a safer working environment for our employees by enhancing employees' awareness of the prevention and protection of fire hazards.


In this way, our employees will be able to prevent and eliminate possible internal and external hazards, and understand how individuals should react and escape in the face of emergency fire accidents.


At the end of the fire safety training, the heads of the various departments in the company expressed satisfaction with the training and promised to further strengthen the department’s knowledge of fire protection and fire prevention.


Through training and publicity, Reheatek has established a "firewall" in all aspects to ensure fire safety, such as safe use of electricity and banning smoking in the factory.

 Fire Drill at Reheatek Factory in March

With such a firewall, the alarm bell will ring, reminding employees of the danger of fire within the company at any time. As you know, this is a way to prioritize fire prevention in the factory.


Benefits of fire safety training

1. First of all, since employees have basic knowledge of fire prevention and fire prevention, they can easily learn from each other, so they can improve the skills that employers and customers need to avoid fire hazards.


2. Secondly, the understanding of fire hazards will arouse the awareness of everyone in the company, that is, their respective responsibilities, to formulate emergency fire prevention plans to avoid any form of danger within the company, daily activities in the company's daily work.


3. Third, fire safety training also helps to improve people's awareness of fire emergency procedures, fire evacuation methods, and fire protection measures, and helps to enhance the knowledge of common fire fighting tools among employees.

Fire Drill at Reheatek Factory in March

4. Finally, the training also aims to awaken employees' awareness of the need for analysis of potential safety hazards within the company. Therefore, the staff will insist on daily inspections, especially to strengthen the inspection of the company's main components, such as exhibition halls, workshops, office areas and warehouses, and require the responsible personnel to implement specific fire safety requirements.


5. Fire safety measures, including the safety performance of key components such as power lines, fire hydrants and fire extinguishers, are regularly checked by dedicated personnel to ensure the safety of the factory. To this end, the person in charge of the company's administrative department will supervise the fire safety of various departments from time to time and establish a long-term fire safety mechanism to ensure that the entire company takes preventive measures.


Reheatek will continue to strengthen labor protection, improve working conditions, safeguard the vital interests of employees, ensure national security and the safety of people's lives and property, and promote enterprise development.

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